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Carb Day Karting for Cancer

Steve Afendoulis

Steve Afendoulis



To My Friends and Family:

Bess and I are headed to the Indy 500 to cheer on our favorite driver Ryan Hunter-Reay.  He's our favorite driver for a lot of reasons. Sure, I represent him ... but that's not the reason he holds such a great place in our hearts. He really is one of the good guys. A wonderful husband, father and son. We got to know his mom before she passed from cancer. Since that time, he has dedicated his racing career to raising money for cancer research and Racing for Cancer was created. 

So on Carb day, Bess and I have challenged each other on the track to see who's faster, but more importantly to raise some money for cancer research. We are going to each be running 10 laps.

Please help us by pledging a donation. We also have a little competition to see which one of the two of us can raise more money.

We pray for a safe Indy 500, and a successful Racing For Cancer event.


.... Oh and a RHR victory would be cool too.













MY TARGET: $5,000.00
RAISED: $2,541.00
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